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Here at Sticker Stack, we understand that beautiful, well-made stationery is a must. We also believe that it's worth taking time to craft meaningful and enduring messages, and we provide you with the tools to do exactly that.

Our Story

Sticker Stack is a UK-based online retailer specialising in cute stickers, beautiful stationery, and functional accessories. After experiencing the quality and range of amazing stickers and stationery in Asia – particularly in Japan and Korea – we were astonished. We knew that we had to bring some of this fantastic stuff the UK, and that is exactly what we’re doing now.

With one team in Bristol, England, and one in Daegu, South Korea, Sticker Stack has a unique outlook on the trends in both Europe and Asia. And we offer merchandise that complements these trends. We hope you'll agree that our stickers, stationery, and accessories provide a healthy antidote to the ever increasing reliance on digital communication.

Our Products

We take great care in selecting our products. Pretty much everything we sell is sourced from East Asia, home to some of the world's best stationery. Korea and Japan in particular is where most of the stuff we offer is designed and manufactured. All our products are made with care and use high quality, non-toxic materials. Safe products are good, right? Lastly, every order we ship gets packaged and sent from our HQ right here in Bristol, UK. No hassles and no worries.

In the Loop

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